Cycles of the Element

December 8, 2009 admin 2

( – promoted by navajo) This documentary examines the roots and legacies of colonization on the indigenous peoples of today, and ways to empower ourselves […]

All My relations

December 6, 2009 admin 0

Hello I am From Vancouver B.C and I wonder if anyone has seen this… http://www.hiddenfromhistory.o…

Who I am

December 4, 2009 admin 1

I am almost in my 47th year. I was raised catholic until i left home at 14. My father was french and Mi’kmaq. My mother […]

Hello All

December 3, 2009 admin 0

I am Jason and am white american with European ancestory..  I have for a long time had respect for the Native people of this land…any […]