Alcatraz Island

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The occupation of Alcatraz Island in California by a group of Indians from various nations during the late 1960s and early 1970s became the symbol […]

The Fur Trade in 1816

The French Fur Trade

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When the French first entered North America, their primary focus was on gaining wealth through the fur trade. They viewed Indians as trading partners, as […]

The Choctaw Removal

The Choctaw Removal

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By 1830, non-Indians in Mississippi, motivated by greed and racism, were strongly advocating the removal of the Choctaw from the state. According to the citizens […]

Roc School Shoes

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Re-Enacting the Fur Trade

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As with many other aspects of history, the fur trade in North America has re-enactors who bring this aspect of history alive by acting out […]