Are Native American people related to Turks of Eurasia?

Hello to everyone who is reading this post. I would like to know if Native people are related in any way to modern Turks (people that occupy Central ASia: Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and etc, Altai, and Siberia). I heard that they are related several times but I just do not see how it is possible when Americas are separated by an ocean from Eurasia…

Native’s input will be truly appreciated as they surely know their history better than any historian…

From my experience I do find that some natives look like Kazakhs(my ethnicity) to me. But looks are confusing so I would not want to base my opinion solely on looks.  

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  1. That is a fine question. The answer is no we are not. At the time that god had created our people. He put us here on this continent as our home.

  2. Eurasia across the Bering Strait.

    The link below looks interesting.  I have not cross checked any of its links but it may give you ideas about search words for your own research.

    There is some information about Turkish migration.

  3. a young child I used to hear of stories from our elders that would have come “from the far west side of earth”! (-that would be west of south south-west of Greenland where I was born and raised. Yes, I am a KALAALEQ, NOT an Inuk, the north of the Arctic Circle Tribes that run all the way to Siberia through Canada and Alaska) ..from just HOW far though I couldn’t say! Regretably so, I cannot recall the stories! HOWEVER, as a native north-american woman, I have absolutely NO DOUBT what-so-ever (-from deep within “consciousness of my native genes”!..and we all know today that “genes” are like little computer-chips that collect and retain info’s through the overall mental and physical body’s experiences in life, thus advancements!), that ALL native peoples that exist in the lands of the AMERICAS, are “all cousins”! I personally view/FEEL them all as FAMILY, my brothers and sisters. When I look at a young native person’s face from ANYWHERE in Siberia, ..I RECOGNIZE and “feel” ..a sister! ..THAT, from a spirit born onto ..south south-west of GREENLAND!! ..explain that!! Natives from as so far as from the regions of Mongolia, ..EVERYTHING about them, ALSO beautifully tells/sings, of FAMILY! ..are we (native americans) of ‘Asiatic Genes” then??! UN-doubtedly RE-sounding YES, we are, ALL of us Natives born into all different kinds of tribes in our respective regions! Surely COMMON SENSE WILL tell you that “A specie” (human or animal), sprang from somewhere on the earth long ago, then MIGRATED (and diversified), AS anything and everything does now, and will continue to do so, as long as earth exist! Yes every tribe on earth have their “own version” of ‘The Creation’, even the Caucasians have them! That to me is only endearing and I treasure it, they are “oral heirlooms” from long ago, when ALL people, were still ..”limited”, in any way.

    Wishing you all a happy, safe and prosperous new year!

    Paneerak / “little daughter”

  4. The Turks used to ride horses too.

    The Turks are nomads, just like natives are.

    and the Turks always left behind a part of the group at the place they moved to and then move further to other places where they left an other part of the group, al of those parts created little villages. while the years go by, they all created/added new prints to their cultures in combination of al the years they spend together as a group in their villages while their “blood related cousins” moved on, etc. etc.

    sorry for my bad english, I try to talk english as good as I can.  

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