So Many Stories

This is one a guy I know who lives in Albuquerque, told me. His name is Mark, but he has other ways of Mark to be named.

He’s a very cool guy, about my age, in his early 50’s.

His lady is an elephant vet. She is fine. I met her once, at a party they and I were both invited to.

She goes around the elephant world, trying to keep people who have enslaved elephants, from abusing them.

He told me once, “Ringling Brothers is like the Dark Star!”

They are both such sweet people. So kind, so caring. So loving. So intelligent.

So worried.

He comes down here every spring for the Mescalero Mescal roast. He has good friends there, has for a long time.

He comes by and visits me. He does not judge.

He just ignores my strangeness.

He comes by and asks to see my garden.

Last time he got me out under my clothesline.

And he gave me a backrub, a good backrub!

That’s Mark. Mark rocks. Even when I don’t see him for a year, doesn’t matter.

Mark rocks.


He is known by that name.

Mark, my friend

shows up here in the spring

He won’t quite let me ignore him

and it’s not about sex, at all

though his girlfriend is a fine elephant vet

and a great lady.

Meanwhile, Mark shows up at times.

I gave him a large drum, made by people south of

that terrible border.

I brought him into that house

One of my two messed up houses

The ones with all of the broke

I’d told Mark he was going to get a drum.

And I brought him in to that room, that house.

And I presented him that that drum. A good drum. Big one.

And I saw it on his face, for just a few seconds.

He was a little boy given a drum.

I saw it  for just a second.

I just made this 50 year old guy back into whooppee,

One of the best moments of my life.


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