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I have been struggling with this for a long time… and I need someone to help me answer some questions. I grew up in a family with no identification of ancestry. All that I know about where I come from I found myself. My Grandfather is old now and he gave me a cedar chest full of old pictures and records of my family. I have always thought of myself as white but I didn’t know that I had much native blood until I went into the chest. All of these pictures I have found of my native grandmothers and grandfathers are amazing. I want so much to know about them but my grandfather won’t tell me much. All I know is what I have been told in pieces from my older family members. Muskogee, Navajo, Iriquois, Cherokee… this is what I have been told they were. Either way there is always something I can be proud of in all of my backgrounds. But what I really wanted to ask is how will other native peoples see me if I want to know more or spend time with them learning about my ancestry. I feel kind of lost to tell the truth and, I am thinking that you may not even want me here asking. If that is true then I will not bother you all anymore, just let me know. Thank you

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