lost family

 Washte anpo everyone

   I have something that I would ask of all

  out there on turtle Island and maybe I can

  get some answers that have brothered me for   years,

   Several years ago I found out that I was

  adopted off the Standing Rock Reservation

  in North Dakota,I was raisd with a white

  family and it wasn’t untill I was married

  and went to get a copy of my birth record

  that I was told that I was adopted.

   Over the years my wife and I have been

  able to find out that I have 3 brothers an

  a sister but I have no idea where they are

  and I also have found out that my mother was

  Northern Cheyenne and my father was Sioux

  from Standing Rock,I was told that I was

  adopted when I was 8yrs old.

    I do not understand how they can just

  take families apart isn’t there anyway a person

  can find out the truth and get back my

  cuture and what’s left of my family back???


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questions about spitriual culture


     I have a question,but first let give some

background information.

     I am 64yrs old,my mother was northern

    Cheyenne and my father was Lakota Sioux,I

was raised on Standing Rock Res. untill we(my

brothers and sister) were adopted off the Res,

I haven’t seen them or my parents again. I have

been back to both Reservations servial times in

years past trying my best to find out about my

family but always seem to hit roadblock.

      My question is how does one keep the faith

and Spiritual beliefs of our culture in a   society that is so negative towards anything that

is different than theirs

  any words of advice would be welcome

   Charlie  Yellowfeather

     mitakuye ouasin

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