Abolishing Reservations??

I was living in Germany for the last 20 years and now am back in the USA. I am attending college in WA, State and recently heard from one of my professors that there are those who believe that the reservations should be abolished.  this will be the theme of my next essay, but I know little about it.

Is is a political movement, a law trying to be put into effect, a concept from the grassroots?

Can anyone help me understand this, and moreover, tell me, as Native Americans what you think about this?

Thanks a lot and have a great day!



Hello. I am very happy to have found this site! Yea!! Like another writer here, Kitsap River, I am from Kitsap County in Washington State, but have only moved back here again recently, after 20 years of living in Germany.

I know that I have Anasazi, Hopi, and Navajo ancestry, but it is sadly too far back for me to live on a rez, or you can be assured I would already be living on Navajo Lands in the Four Corners.

I received a vision while in Germany. that I was flying over different reservations in America as an eagle woman with anothe eagle man, and we were destroying all the alcohol on them. Since then, I decided to return and study Substance Abuse Couselling in order to work in the area of prevention in any way I can within any local tribes I am living. This is not a condenscending act on my part. It is simply what I am called to do at the moment.

I have since talked with some local tribal members and they feel that they want to solve their own problems of this nature within their tribe by reigniting the culture more and more.

I am not sure what the Creator wants me to do, but I know that I feel this calling of some nature in this direction deeply, but don’t know how it will really play out. I am attending College for this degree and am almost in my third semester.

Inteestingly enough, my son, who is 18 said to me when I told him what I am studying, that it is a dead career path while it will soon not be needed while the world will change and that kind of thing won’t exist! A wonderful young man he is..yes? =).

I wish you all a great day ahead and thanks for taking the time to read this. Kitsap River, feel free to drop a line….bye for now..new-moon-rising

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