Ancient America: Utah

Ancient America: Utah

January 5, 2011 admin 0

( – promoted by navajo) Ten thousand years ago, Native American people in what is now Utah had a lifeway that was centered around a […]

Kolomoki Mounds

Ancient America: Kolomoki Mounds

December 13, 2010 admin 1

( – promoted by navajo) More than a thousand years before the first Europeans arrived in North America, American Indians had developed complex civilizations which […]

Ancient America: The Olmec

November 10, 2010 admin 1

( – promoted by navajo) The Aztec were only the last of many great civilizations in Mexico. The mother civilization of all of the Mesoamerican […]

Ancient America: Cahokia

October 14, 2010 admin 1

( – promoted by navajo) A thousand years ago one of the largest cities in the world was located across the Mississippi River from present-day […]