The Cherokee in 1817

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When the Europeans began their invasion of the Americas, the Cherokee were an agricultural people whose villages could be found throughout the American Southeast. By […]

The Cherokee Civil War

The Cherokee 200 Years Ago, 1819

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The Cherokees, whose traditional name is Aniyvwiya (Real People), were a farming people whose aboriginal homeland spread across 40,000 square miles in the American Southeast. […]

Dissolving Cherokee Government

Dissolving Cherokee Government

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At the beginning of the nineteenth century, that great American visionary Thomas Jefferson proposed that Indian nations be moved to territories west of the Mississippi […]

The Cherokee Trail of Tears

The Cherokee Trail of Tears

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By the first part of the nineteenth century, many non-Indians in the United States, particularly in the southern states, felt strongly that there should be […]

A few Cherokee leaders

Cherokee Treaty Claims

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By 1830, the American government had decided that American Indians had no place in the United States and passed legislation calling for their removal to […]