Enforce ICWA in South Dakota; Reunite Lakota Children with their Native Culture

( – promoted by navajo) Petition: http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/… 
NPR broadcast: http://www.npr.org/2011/10/25/… An estimated 700 children a year are being illegally seized by the government in violation of the federal law and family rights and placed in the care of white families … Continue reading

Centuries of Genocide: Modoc Indians, Part IV

In case you missed anything… Part I describes the first generation of Modoc people to contact European-Americans, and the slow war in the Klamath Basin that destroyed the Second Generation. The Ben Wright Massacre is analyzed. Part II encapsulates the … Continue reading

Centuries of Genocide: Modoc Indians, Part II

( – promoted by navajo) photo credit: Aaron Huey Ethnography Prior to contact, the Modoc people inhabited an area approximately 5,000 square miles in southern Oregon and the northeastern corner of California, where today Modoc County corresponds somewhat to traditional … Continue reading

“Christian” Fascists & Cultural Genocide: Burning Native Objects

( – promoted by Aji) The burning of the Library of Alexandria is either attributed to Theophilus, Patriarch of Alexandria, to Julius Caesar, or to Moslem Caliph Omar. Regardless of whoever destroyed “The loss of the ancient world’s single greatest … Continue reading

A Teaching Assistant Cut A First Nations Child’s Hair

( – promoted by navajo) There’s a reason Kevin Annett has a petition stating, “apparent refusal to investigate suspected crime sites related to the mass burials of children who died in Indian residential schools.” http://feminismfriday.wordpres… The child was touched without … Continue reading

C. Peter Wagner & Native American Resource Network

( – promoted by navajo) “Mr. Joel’s Army himself,” C. Peter Wagner, is in the video below. The title of it is “Native American Christian Reconciliation Ministry.” Rick Warren’s (amazingly extensive) connections with Joel’s Army groups a) Apparently being directly … Continue reading