The Salish Language Family

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The Salish language family is found on the Northwest Coast and in the Columbia Plateau. Salish is generally felt to have great antiquity in the […]

The Muskogean Language Family

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Muskogean was the most important language family of the Native American Southeastern Culture Area. In her introduction to Florida Place Names of Indian Origin and […]

The Athabaskan Language Family

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The Athabaskan (also spelled Athapaskan and Athabascan) language family is found in the western American Indian culture areas. Linguists feel that the Athabaskan language family […]

The Algonquian Language Family

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In North America, linguists generally recognize 58 language families and isolates. Understanding language families is one of the keys to understanding the historical relationships between […]

The Uto-Aztecan Language Family

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Linguists studying and comparing languages throughout the world have noted that some languages are similar to each other in terms of vocabulary, sound patterns, and […]

Métis culture

The Michif Language

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The French, unlike the English and the Spanish, saw Indians as trading partners. The French saw that their best opportunity for economic gain was to […]

Renegade Indians

Renegade Indians

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It has been common to describe American Indians as renegades, particularly when they wished to continue their traditional lifeways and refused to conform to Euro-American […]

The Iroquoian Language Family

The Iroquoian Language Family

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The Iroquoian language family, found in the Eastern Woodlands Culture Area, includes the languages of the League of Five Nations (Oneida, Onondaga, Mohawk, Seneca, and […]

Native Americans

The Hokan Language Family

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During the nineteenth century linguists—scholars who are engaged in the scientific study of language—began to adopt a biological model of language development in which they […]