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The Navajo and Oil in the 1920s

February 14, 2012 admin 0

Traditionally the United States has assumed that any mineral and energy resources found on Indian reservations should be developed by non-Indian private enterprise and that […]

The Navajo and Mexico

November 16, 2011 admin 0

In 1821 Mexico obtained independence from Spain. In the Plan of Iguala, Mexico did away with all legal distinctions regarding Indians and reaffirmed that Indians […]

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The War on Poverty

August 17, 2011 admin 0

In 1964, with one out of every five Americans living in poverty, President Lyndon Johnson addressed Congress in his State of the Union message and […]

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Utah’s Black Hawk War

September 21, 2010 admin 0

( – promoted by navajo) During 1865 to 1867, American and Mormon settlers in Utah were engaged in a war with a small group of […]