The Great Basin Tribes

The Great Basin Tribes

May 6, 2014 admin 0

The Great Basin includes the high desert regions between the Sierra Nevada and the Rocky Mountains. It is bounded on the north by the Columbia […]

Indians 101: Pine Nuts

August 29, 2011 admin 0

For thousands of years Indian people have lived and prospered in the Great Basin by exploiting the natural resources of the area. For Indian people […]

Ancient America: Nevada

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What is now the state of Nevada was home to American Indian people for several millennia prior to the arrival of the first Europeans in […]

Freshman lawmaker Chris Deschene

American Indian Candidates

October 31, 2010 admin 0

( – promoted by navajo) Congress passed legislation in 1924 which gave all American Indians citizenship. While citizenship should imply the right to vote, the […]