Modern Indian Scouts For Christian Fascists

A historical paradox is that once a people are freed, they sometimes become the aggressors. For instance, the Texans who defeated the Mexicans in the Texas Revolution fought exterminated the Comanche; some freed slaves became Buffalo Soldiers and joined the … Continue reading

“Christian” Fascists & Cultural Genocide: Burning Native Objects

( – promoted by Aji) The burning of the Library of Alexandria is either attributed to Theophilus, Patriarch of Alexandria, to Julius Caesar, or to Moslem Caliph Omar. Regardless of whoever destroyed “The loss of the ancient world’s single greatest … Continue reading

“The Lord Places People in This or That Country – Uganda (Edited)”

( – promoted by navajo) Julius Oyet is represented in the video. Oyet is a self-designated Apostle and leader of the Lifeline Ministries. He has found favor with President Museveni for praying against areas of Northern Uganda once controlled by … Continue reading

I Do Not Want Your God

( – promoted by navajo)… However, the story moves on to one island area that remained blighted despite the miracles. This is an island on which the indigenous populations’ ancestors had killed a missionary in 1867. The video shows … Continue reading