The Pueblos

The Pueblos: 1700 to 1725

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In 1680, the Pueblos of New Mexico revolted against the Spanish and drove them from the region. A decade later, however, the Spanish returned and […]

The Pueblos

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When the United States acquired what is now New Mexico and Arizona in 1846, a number of Pueblos were brought under American rule according to […]

Keresan Pueblo Migrations

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When the Spanish first began to explore the area which would later be known as New Mexico, they encountered well-established Indian agricultural villages. Collectively, the […]

Pueblo Clowns

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( – promoted by navajo) One of the important features of Pueblo Indian cultures is the existence of clowns and clowning societies. The clowns often […]

Pueblo Indian Pottery

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( – promoted by oke) In the world of Native American art today, there are four extremely well-known traditions: the wood-carving traditions of the Northwest […]