Apache Prisoners of War

January 12, 2012 admin 1

While the idea of “indefinite detention” of people determined to be “enemies” of the United States is currently being debated, for American Indians this is […]

Indian Words in English

Indian Words in English

January 9, 2012 admin 0

English really isn’t a Native American language, but virtually all of today’s Indians speak this as their first and primary language. During the past several […]

Navajo Sandpaintings

January 9, 2012 admin 0

Most Navajo ceremonies are focused on health: on healing someone who is ill or on maintaining health. Navajo ceremonies, often referred to as “sings” or […]

Dighton Rock

January 5, 2012 admin 0

When the Europeans first began their invasion of what would become known as New England, they encountered people-American Indians-whose origins and existence puzzled them. They […]

Ancient America: Ocmulgee

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Some time before 900 CE, people begin migrating into what will become present-day Georgia from the area around the Mississippi River near present-day St. Louis. […]