John Payne and the Cherokee

John Payne and the Cherokee

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John Howard Payne, an actor, poet, playwright, and author, is probably best known for his song “Home Sweet Home” which he wrote in 1822. Following […]

The Removal of the Ponca Indians

Indian Removal in 1833

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By the beginning of the nineteenth century, Americans were envisioning a country without Indians, and Thomas Jefferson proposed that the Indians be removed and sent […]

Doublehead, A Cherokee Traitor

Doublehead, A Cherokee Traitor

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In the world of politics, those who become powerful don’t always have the best interests of their people in their hearts and minds. Sometimes, political […]

The Whoop-Up Trail

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In spite of the opposition of fur traders, in 1832 Congress passed a law stating: “No ardent spirits shall be hereafter introduced, under any pretence, […]

Sacred Landscape

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All humans have a cognitive map which provides them with a spatial analysis of their world, both natural and human-made. Traditionally, the cognitive maps of […]