The 1855 Hell Gate Treaty

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When the United States divided Oregon Territory into Washington Territory and Oregon Territory in 1853, western Montana was included in Washington Territory. President Millard Fillmore […]

Pontiac’s War

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In 1763, the Ottawa leader Pontiac led an alliance of Indian nations in the Ohio Valley in a war of resistance against the British. In […]

Indians 101: 1961

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Fifty years ago, in 1961, winds of political and social change were sweeping across the United States. There was not only a new President, John […]

The Kiowa

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( – promoted by navajo) The Southern Plains is an area of rolling prairie grasslands with timbered areas along stream valleys. It lies south of […]

Indians 101: A Century Ago

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( – promoted by navajo) During the nineteenth century it was commonly believed by non-Indians that American Indians and their cultures were destined for extinction. […]

The Steptoe Defeat

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( – promoted by navajo) In 1853 the United States divided Oregon Territory into two territories: Washington and Oregon. President Millard Fillmore appointed Isaac I. […]