The Sioux Return

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In 1876 the United States declared war on the Sioux in order to obtain the Black Hills in what is now South Dakota. Subsequently, Lt. […]

Albert K. Smiley

The Lake Mohonk Conference

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Wealthy people often feel that they know what is best for poor people. From 1883 through 1916, a small group of wealthy philanthropists, who referred […]

Isaac Stevens

Prelude to War, 1855

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In 1855, Washington Territorial governor Isaac Stevens set out to prepare the territory for an influx of American settlers. In order to make way for […]

The Kyi-Yo Powwow (Photo Diary)

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Powwows, a celebration of American Indian identity and culture, are held throughout North America. Powwows are held on reservations as well as off-reservation. A number […]

Indians 101: The Powwow

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It begins with the drums. This is the signal for the dancers to enter into the dance arbor, usually led by dancers carrying the eagle […]

The Nez Perce in Exile

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The 1877 Nez Perce War ended with the Battle of the Bear Paw in Montana. After a five-day siege the five non-treaty bands of Nez […]

Ancient America: Nebraska Prior to 6000 BCE

Ancient America: 1,500 Years Ago

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A thousand years before the Spanish invasion of the Americas began, American Indians were living throughout North America. Furthermore, they had lived on this continent […]