Indians 101: Peyote

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In some Native American traditions, at the time of creation each one of the plant people was given two gifts: the power of beauty and […]

Indians 101: Pine Nuts

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For thousands of years Indian people have lived and prospered in the Great Basin by exploiting the natural resources of the area. For Indian people […]

Ancient America: Tiwanaku

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While the Inka are the best-known pre-Columbian civilization in South America, there were other earlier and longer-lasting highly developed civilizations. Tiwanaku (also spelled Tiahuanaco and […]

Ancient America: Nevada

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What is now the state of Nevada was home to American Indian people for several millennia prior to the arrival of the first Europeans in […]

The Tuscarora War

Three Hundred Years Ago

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Three hundred years ago, in 1711, the various European powers in North America were involved in a divide and conquer strategy against the Indian nations. […]

The War on Poverty

The War on Poverty

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In 1964, with one out of every five Americans living in poverty, President Lyndon Johnson addressed Congress in his State of the Union message and […]