Some Indian Events of 1866

Some Indian Events of 1866

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Following the Civil War, the American government renewed its efforts to expand into the West, which required more dealings with Indian nations. Briefly described below […]

Indian Events

Indian Events of 1666

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By 1666, it was evident to the Indian nations in the eastern portion of North America that European colonization (French and English) was not a […]

The Sheepeater Indian War

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It is not uncommon for Indian tribes to be named for the food they consume. One group of Bannocks and Shoshones living in the mountains […]

The Sioux in 1866

The Sioux in 1866

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The designation “Sioux” is used to describe many different tribes who are divided into three linguistic divisions: Dakota, Nakota, and Lakota. While relative late-comers to […]

Ute Indian Tribes

The Utah Indian Wars of 1866

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While Mormon settlement of Utah began in 1847, American Indians had inhabited the region for thousands of years. The Mormon settlements displaced and disrupted the […]

Oklahoma Indians in 1866

Oklahoma Indians in 1866

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At the beginning of the Civil War in 1861, the United States withdrew its troops from Forts Cobb, Arbuckle, and Washita and, afraid that annuity […]