Arctic Art (Photo Diary)

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The Arctic Culture Area spreads across northern North America and is an area which can be described as cold desert. It is a region which […]

American Indian Religions

The Give-Away

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In 1884, the United States government formally outlawed all Indian religions. Part of the rationale behind the banning of Indian religions was the concern expressed […]

The Meriam Report

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The policies of the United States regarding American Indians have generally been based on two interlocked approaches: ideological and theological. During the nineteenth and much […]

World War II, the United States

The Hoover Commission

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Following World War II, the United States was facing an enormous debt created by the war and by the recovery from the Great Depression. As […]

The Pueblos


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One hundred years ago, the primary thrust of American policies with regard to American Indians was assimilation. The goal at this time was to assimilate […]

Reservation Poverty

Reservation Poverty

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Estimating the economic well-being of American Indians is a complex task. In general, American Indians tend to have higher poverty rates, higher unemployment rates, and […]

Navajo Rugs

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In the American Southwest today one of the most popular art forms sought by museums, collectors, and tourists is the Navajo rug. While the Navajo […]