Honoring and Celebrating Genocide

Honoring and Celebrating Genocide

February 23, 2015 admin 0

Cultural genocide is a concept expressed by many Native Americans to describe the deliberate destruction of American Indian languages, religions, ways of dress and housing, […]

Pontiac’s War

Pontiac’s War

February 15, 2015 admin 0

In 1763, the Ottawa leader Pontiac led an alliance of Indian nations in the Ohio Valley in a war of resistance against the British. In […]

The Horse and the Plateau Indians

The Horse and the Plateau Indians

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The stereotype of the American Indian adopted by the entertainment industry and by some educational textbooks is based on the horse-mounted, buffalo hunting Plains Indians […]

Paisley Period by archaeologists

Early Oregon Sites

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The earliest period of human occupation in the Northern Great Basin region of Oregon is called the Paisley Period by archaeologists. The period, which is […]

The Lake Mohonk

The Lake Mohonk Conference

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Wealthy people often feel that they know what is best for poor people. From 1883 through 1916, a small group of wealthy philanthropists, who referred […]