Action: Rescind Wounded Knee Medals of Dis Honor

( – promoted by navajo) Petition: Medals of Dis Honor Twenty-three soldiers from the Seventh Calvary were later awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for the slaughter of defenseless Indians at Wounded Knee. We are asking that these Medals of … Continue reading

Building Momentum For Change: Ending the Maze of Injustice

( – promoted by navajo) Will Native American women finally get equal protection under the law? Right now Native American women on reservations are 3 times as likely to be raped as a white woman. Due to an insanely complex … Continue reading

Congressional Black Caucus (and Barney Frank) Continue Assault on Tribal Sovreignty (Cherokee)

( – promoted by navajo) I just received an email from a fellow tribal attorney in regards to the ongoing Congressional Black Caucus – Cherokee Nation dispute.  Apparently Barney Frank has appointed his conferees to the Native American Housing Assistance … Continue reading