The War Against the Yavapai

The War Against the Yavapai

December 31, 2011 admin 1

In 1865, some drunken American squatters murdered Pai headman Anasa. In retaliation, Pai raiders attacked several wagon trains, ran off livestock, and shut down the […]

The Hopi Reservation

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The Hopi had lived in their mesa-top villages in what is now northern Arizona for many centuries before the United States acquired the right to […]

William Potter Ross

The Indian Journal

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The media has never been fair and balanced when it comes to serving Indian people and reporting on events which impact Indian lives. Many Indian […]

Wild West Shows

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The nineteenth-century wild west shows did a great deal to firmly entrench the stereotype of the American Indian in American culture. This stereotype, loosely based […]

Indians on Exhibit

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During the nineteenth century, expositions and world fairs were seen as a profitable way for communities to promote themselves while educating the masses. Since Indians […]