“Hope For American Indians Starts With Peltier’s Freedom:” Tribal Sovereignty In The Energy Crisis

( – promoted by navajo) Why might “Change and Hope for American Indians start with Peltier’s Freedom?” First, let’s review three examples of what needs to be changed: Blackwater’s questionable involvement with Bear Butte, Alex White Plume having been disallowed … Continue reading

A Teaching Assistant Cut A First Nations Child’s Hair

( – promoted by navajo) There’s a reason Kevin Annett has a petition stating, “apparent refusal to investigate suspected crime sites related to the mass burials of children who died in Indian residential schools.” http://feminismfriday.wordpres… The child was touched without … Continue reading

How To Post A Diary

(Comment by navajo:  Feel free to keep your posts simple also.  Just text diaries are excellent.  Don’t feel the need to post images or embed video.  Those are wonderful but not necessary. Thank you winter rabbit for these instructions.  You … Continue reading