Apology or the Willingness to be Unwilling?

( – promoted by navajo) If link is still down see here The Consolidated Indigenous Shadow Report mentions “Racially Discriminatory Constitutional Foundations” and  “The Denial of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in the Political, Economic, Social, Cultural, or any Other … Continue reading

Shadow Report: “Indian Reservation Apartheid”

( – promoted by navajo) …human rights violations and an institutionalized racism against indigenous peoples is alive and thriving in the United States… Consolidated Indigenous Shadow Report III. Indian Reservation Apartheid “Apartheid” is certainly a strong word. And certainly, there … Continue reading

Continuing “The Genocide of Matriarchal Societies”

( – promoted by navajo) I wrote The Genocide of Matriarchal Societies in April of last year (2007), and there is some additional information I want to share along those general lines now. We’ll pick up where we left off … Continue reading

Uranium Mining almost near Grand Canyon and is Elsewhere!

( – promoted by navajo) Source A British mining company is about to begin exploratory drilling for toxic, radioactive uranium in Kaibab National Forest just outside the eco-fragile boundaries of Grand Canyon National Park. Of course, the idea of uranium … Continue reading

Clinton and Obama on Native American Issues [Updated]

( – promoted by navajo) Cross-posted from the Daily Kos. Even though I have a very strong personal opinion based on my position as an anti-war voter, I want to present both Obama’s and Clinton’s policy proposals on Native American … Continue reading