Tribes and Reservations in 1917

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During the nineteenth century, the United States had attempted to settle all Indians on well-defined reservations on lands deemed unsuitable for non-Indian development. Here Indians […]

American Indians in 1717

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The fur trade was an important part of the economic history of North America and incorporated American Indian economies into a larger world economy. Furs […]

The Algonquian Language Family

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In North America, linguists generally recognize 58 language families and isolates. Understanding language families is one of the keys to understanding the historical relationships between […]

Apache Spirituality

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Bands or tribes known collectively as the Apache ranged widely throughout the American Southwest at the time of the first Spanish exploration and invasion. The […]

American Indians in 1617

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By 1617, four European nations—Spain, France, England, and the Netherlands—were staking their claims in North America through exploration and colonization. Archaeologist Jerald Milanich, in his […]

Christian Missions in 1817

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The early nineteenth century was a period in which American Indians came into contact with non-Indian explorers and missionaries. Unlike the early explorers who simply […]

The Uto-Aztecan Language Family

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Linguists studying and comparing languages throughout the world have noted that some languages are similar to each other in terms of vocabulary, sound patterns, and […]