American Indians in 1915

American Indians in 1915

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One hundred years ago, in 1915, most Indians were not citizens even though U.S. policies called for the full assimilation of Indians and the total […]

Indians 1812 1815

Indians 1815

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Two hundred years ago, in 1815, the United States Senate ratified the Treaty of Ghent which ended the War of 1812. The treaty restored to […]

Alaska Before 6000 BCE

Alaska Before 6000 BCE

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Archaeologists usually classify the period between 25,000 BCE and 6,000 BCE in Alaska as Stage 1, an era in which the first evidence of human […]

Indian nations and the Europeans 1615

Indian Events of 1615

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Four hundred years ago, in 1615, the European invasion of North America was in its infancy. Contact between the Indian nations and the Europeans was […]

The Indian Wars of 1915

The Indian Wars of 1915

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By the end of the nineteenth century, it was commonly believed by scholars, politicians, and the general public that Indians were destined to disappear. In […]