Northwest Coast Indian Names

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( – promoted by navajo) The Indian nations along the Northwest Coast area of Washington, British Columbia, and Washington were very different than other Indian […]

Iroquois Spirituality

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( – promoted by navajo) Long before the Europeans arrived on this continent there was born to the Huron people a man who had a […]

Ancient America: Adena

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( – promoted by navajo) About 3,000 years ago, the Indian people living in the Ohio River valley in southern Ohio and northern Kentucky began […]

Moor’s Indian Charity School

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( – promoted by navajo) Many Christian missionaries, both Protestant and Catholic, have wrestled with the problem of how best to convert the “pagan” Indians. […]

The Cayuse Indian War

The Cayuse Indian War

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( – promoted by navajo) In 1847, the traditional cultural values and practices of American Indians in the Plateau Area of Washington and Oregon collided […]