Nepinak and Katchiwe family

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Hi All, Am wondering about the origins of the people that use the surname of Nepinak (Neebinah-maqua or SUMMER BEAR) and Katchiwe (Ke-Kasheway) who are […]

Ancient America: Florida BCE

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American Indians occupied, utilized, and developed the peninsula known as Florida for thousands of years. Our knowledge of the ancient past-of Florida, BCE-comes primarily from […]

Ojibwa Migrations

Ojibwa Migrations

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Migration is an important part of the oral traditions and histories of many Indian nations. The oral tradition of the Ojibwa (Anishinabe) tells of the […]

The Michif Language

The Michif Language

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The French, unlike the English and the Spanish, saw Indians as trading partners. The French saw that their best opportunity for economic gain was to […]

Navajo Weaving

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Even the most casual tourist who travels through the Navajo lands of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah cannot help but notice the abundance of […]

Assimilation in 1920

Assimilation in 1920

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By the late nineteenth century, all Americans, except for American Indians, knew for a fact that all Indian tribes would be extinct in the twentieth […]