Nepinak and Katchiwe family

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Am wondering about the origins of the people that use the surname of Nepinak (Neebinah-maqua or SUMMER BEAR) and Katchiwe (Ke-Kasheway) who are both Ojibwe families.  We believe that we came to Manitoba around the 1790’s.  The Nepinak family is to be a part of the BEAR clan.

Our people signed treaty with the government on Aug 21, 1871 and became Waterhen Band of Indians.  Where could I go to find out where there might be more information on the names of these people!

Another man that became Chief of Dog Creek First Nation (aka Lake Manitoba Band) was Chief Sousonse (or Little Long Ears)…his son Charles, Jean Metweassin (Maytwayashing) became the next chief, followed by his son Jean Baptiste Maytwayashing.  I would be related to him in one of our lineages.

I am interested in learning more about the Saulteaux/Ojibwe people.


Cameron Parenteau-Katchiwe

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