Custer’s Pipeline Rides Again

February 28, 2012 admin 0

“Wonderful U.S. and Canada!” Obama supports TransCanada’s bid to push ahead with part of oil pipeline (Edited from an earlier version in 2008. Since it’s […]

Pueblo Weaving

February 26, 2012 admin 0

For more than a thousand years, American Indian agriculturalists have been living in villages in what is now Arizona and New Mexico. When the Spanish […]

Native Americans

The Fort Marion Prisoners

February 24, 2012 admin 0

Following the so-called Red River wars in Oklahoma and Texas in 1875, the army had intended to try Indian leaders and warriors before a military […]

President Reagan and the Indians

February 20, 2012 admin 1

There have been relatively few American Presidents-most Indians would say no American Presidents-who have had any empathy for or understanding of American Indians. In their […]