Information so my children do not grow up ignorant

My children and I are ignorant, not by choice, to much of our history.  What we learned in school is not true yet my educators had the nerve to call it teaching.  My son is half Siminole, because his father is full blooded native american.  I, however, am a mixture of Dutch-Irish and Cherokee.  I want him to get to know part of his background.  I found out as much as I could but there are holes and I managed to get him to Key West but how do you tell the truth for the sugar-coated junk?  This is my next option. Since I just found out part of “Thanksgiving”, I would like to know more so that I do not lie to my children and rob an entire civilization of generally good people of the respect that is deserved.

Class Speech

I have a speech on Native American Peace Pipes coming up. I was wondering if I could get some sort of interview with someone that might have some insight on the topic. This is not a joke so please do not take it as one. Thank you.