Self-destructive idiocy is boundless

This is a LTE to the Colville Confederated Tribal Tribune October 2011 issue.

Go to page 8(Editorials)of the paper….…

Dear Editor:

We have many tribes in our confederacy of tribes, right or wrong. That is what the feds did to us and we pay the price for it today. I remember my elders (and their elders too) objecting to U.S. prisoners of war from other states being sent to the Colville Reservation and made Colville Tribal Members.

Last winter I was really mad when I saw how our business council chairman was attacking his own Sinixt (me included!) who are holding the weight of our recognition work in British Columbia. Reading who they call “Mikey Wilson’s” articles attacking their out of pocket, no tribal funds, work up there.

It is hard to balance a job, keep up our household bills, and just get by let alone what it would mean to take anything left over and give it to our life’s effort to relocate to British Columbia, occupy our traditional territory at our own expense with no tribal funding support. Now that is a commitment that creates cultural wealth only a traditional person may know but for which, would sacrifice.

I asked how the council went about supporting the Lakes recognition work in B.C. I learned the Okanogan First Nations of Canada are trying to convince the Crown that the Lakes Territory is Okanogan territory.

In the 1980s some Colville Tribal Okanogan council joined in to fund the recognition of the Lakes (Sinixt) Tribe in B.C. One of the Colville Okanogans from Omak, of the 1980s, now has her son on the Colville council. Her son reportedly spends a lot of time traveling up to Okanogan Nation Alliance in B.C. for what I don’t know. But I am really mad about what he just said at the council table: “We are all Okanogan!” How dumb is that?

Working against the Sinixt recognition battles in cahoots with the Crown by making the stupid statements like that while his relatives at the Okanogan Nation Alliance in B.C. fight the Sinixt who are fighting for all Sinixt in claiming the Sinixt lands.

The biggest personal insult is my own cousin, the “Liaison” under contract with the council, is actively undermining our occupiers activism in B.C.

Self-destructive idiocy is boundless.



Seattle, WA


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