The Pain Only seems to get worse

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I am 27 years old and my name is Cassie. My roots lie with the blackfoot, and I have been a natural healer since I was born. I am currently tracking my roots to get acknowlegment among the blackfoot. I learned all the same things in school as everyone else, I know of the past pain that only now people seem to be able to put into words. I love mother earth, and all who live here to me are family no matter age, race, etc. I take things very personaly and have cried out of pain more times then I can count. Everytime I think that nothing new can be done to family (and u are, no matter who u are) then I always get surprised. What happened in Ohio was an outrage that was completely uncalled for. I thought the time of treating us like cattle to heard, or control ended long ago, or was that my wishful hopeing? To top it all off, everytime I turn around I am reading from someone that some political honcho in some state is trying to pass a bill to hurt and dibilitate tribal people (I care not of your tribe name, u are still family). All I have to say is…you can NEVER take away my pride, hope, or even my unwaivering ability to help others. You can make me cry, cause pain in my heart that will travel to the very bottoms of my soul, but I will NEVER stop doing what I can to help whomever I can. That is my life’s purpose, my gift, and no one can take away that which my anciestors gave me.

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