The findings of the realm inside the dark shadows

since I was a child, The darkness and night has been calling me. I am a Grandchild of an indian from arizona named Trumand Powell. Named after the president and lake Powell. He died in a motor cycle accident i think in the 60,s. i have had some amazing and unbelievable things happen to me in my life. will discuse with proper people that can guide me in this journey. I dont know who to contact or talk to , I just know im being called to my haritage. threw the realms of the spiritual world. The right person will know what im talking about. I home these words will make it to the right person that can help me. Let me just say this, I have been to the realm where woodsmen people dwell. Anceint dwellers may i say.not of or kind but one with nature and all knowing. I could see there movments and they mine just not eachother. They guided me along safe from danger that was after me. I didnt know the danger but coulld feel it. A danger like no other i could feel. With there powers and knowing my special abilities as theres, I was a familuar presence they known befor. They alowed me to see there way and one with nature. I have no explanation of who these wonderful creatures are. Nothing short of fairy tales that is. But its all part of my calling. I am strong with mother earth. The calling is stronger then ever befor. I am needed for something, something that has been lost for a long time has been given to me. Need the right guidence so as not to miss use what has been given. Please find me help.  

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