Urban Indians can get free education AND connect with local tribes

I attended http://www.sipi.edu for a couple of semesters until I had to work more.

But urban indians need to know that they can get paid to go to school and get a profession. And the urban indians can make friends with res indians at Sipi and learn about traditions they grew up without like I did.

I was getting $2000 to go to school but that was not enough to support my family. But if you are single you can go to school for free, live at Sipi for free, and get paid $2000 to take calsses and get your degree.  Lots of areas to study are proided.

Don’t believe me? Go to www.sipi.edu and get the phone number and call them.

If you make friends with res indians who are your class mates, you can maybe learn traditions you never new.

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