Bring Kailey Home

On Friday July 13, 2012 my daughter, Kailey Anne-Marie Martin was ripped away from me after the Centralia, WA police department kicked in my door on a Writ of Habeas Corpus and an Aid of Writ of Habeas Corpus for a default judgment in 2010 that I was NEVER served with, this is wrong! California Superior Court Rule 5.124(b) Request for Default states:

“For the purpose of computing the declaration

of mailing, unless was by publication and the address of the respondent is unknown, it is not sufficient to state that the address of the party to whom notice is given is unknown or unavailable.”

Commissioner Tracey Mitchell of the Lewis County Superior Court issued this bogus Writ of Habeas Corpus. When I had informed Commissioner Mitchell that I was never properly served she merely shrugged her shoulders. I also informed Commissioner Mitchell that both Kailey and I are registered Native Americans and that I had rights under the Indian Child Welfare Act, Commissioner Mitchell responded with, “I don’t recognize Native American laws in my court. AGAIN this is wrong!

The alleged father states in a declaration that I was served with in May of 2012:

“On or about 2/26/2010, after saving up more money, I went back to court and was unable to get Ms. Martin served due to her whereabouts being unknown.”

This statement was entered as evidence to the San Diego Superior Court and yet the alleged father was STILL granted a default judgment awarding him 100% sole custody of my daughter, Kailey, even though he stated for the record that he NEVER had me served.

Ever since I was served in May 2012 I have filed all the appropriate responses/ answers, made requests for telephone appearances due to indigence, and requested counsel all of which were denied by the San Diego Superior Court.

The “Bring Kailey Home” Foundation has been established to reunite a mother with her daughter who was UNJUSTLY taken from her. My right to due process was completely denied! Please show your support by liking us on Facebook, Bring Kailey Home, or I can be personally contacted via call/text at 541-272-7592


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