Northwest Coast Carvings (Photo Diary)

NW 4594 map

The Northwest Coast is a region in which an entrenched and highly valued artistic tradition flourished. Northwest Coast art-carving and painting-has a very characteristic style. Most commonly, art is used for portraying the family crest and heraldic figures. Shown below are some examples of Northwest Coast carvings which are on display at the Portland Art Museum.  

NW 4544

NW 4553

NW 4556

Shown above is a potlatch serving bowl. It is about 12 feet long. The potlatch is an expression of social stratification and so the lower ranking members of the society would be fed from the bowls at the knees and the highest ranking members would be fed from the head. During the several days of the potlatch, the hosts provide the guests with two large meals per day.

NW 4562

NW 4566

Shown above are some of the decorated wooden boxes. One of the unique items among Northwest Coast Indians are kerfed boxes in which the sides of the box are made by scoring and then bending a single board to form the sides of the box. The single side seam is then carefully fitted and sewn together with spruce root. The bottom of the box is also carefully fitted and sewn to the sides. These boxes are waterproof and some are used for cooking. The watertight boxes can be filled with water and when hot stones are dropped into the box the water can be brought to a boil.

NW 4568

NW 4580

Shown above are some examples carved serving spoons.

NW 4569

NW 4570

NW 4571

NW 4581

Shown above are some carved bowls.

NW 4572

Shown above is a drum with an orca design.


Shown above is a cedar box drum. This drum was made by Tsimshian artist David Boxley about 1990.

NW 4578

Shown above is an orca carving.

NW 4579




One of the media used by Northwest Coast artists is argillite. Argillite is a soft stone which is found in the Queen Charlotte Islands. Shown above are some argillite bowls and carvings.

NW 4582

NW 4584

Shown above are some large carved panels.


A carved hat is shown above.  

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