Wellbriety 4 American Indians in OKC CANCELLED!

A bad spirit rides through the Oklahoma Department of Corrections and thinks to himself, “Nay, keep moving.” Then he rides on to the Center Point Halfway House in Oklahoma City where David Dobbs is the program director and says to himself, “Nay, keep moving, he’s full.” Last, he rides and sees the people that participate in Wellbriety and thinks, “OK, they’ll do.”  

So, why did not the bad spirit stop at the Oklahoma Department of Corrections or David Dobbs, the program director at Center Point where he just revoked the religious rights of halfway house inmates to participate in the Inipi (sweat lodge), and to go to Wellbriety meetings at a Unitarian Church after over 5 years of them being “allowed” to do so?

Too much competition, RIGHT???!!!

Mr. Dobbs has “decided” that since my relatives aren’t picked up by a man to go to the Inipi (sweat) Ceremony, that since sage smells like marijuana, and since he has some personal vendetta against the sacred tobacco required to smoke the chanupa (pipe) – that they just can’t do that no more!!!

Our small circle provides a bridge from the halfway house to being integrated into life after incarceration, increasing their chances of having a good life through the principals of Wellbriety.

The Wellbriety Medicine Wheel

Wellbriety summarizes the Medicine Wheel with the cycle of healing:

East: Recognize means I finally accept the fact that I am powerless or helpless over my addiction and my life is unmanageable.

South: Acknowledge means I am ready to do the hard personal work to allow what I recognized to actually come in and change me.

West: Forgive means to finally take off the backpack full of harms and hurts that I have been carrying around.

North: Change means that I stop doing all the negative behaviors that were associated with my drinking and drugging.

Please contact David Dobbs and encourage him to “allow” the Wellbriety members to have their religious freedom, and likewise with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections on their Twitter page.


Center Point, Inc. – OKC

Male:  200

Per Diem:  $33.75 (Work Release)

Per Diem:  $39.32 (Treatment)

5245 S. I-35 Service Rd.

OK City, OK  73129

Phone: (405) 605-2488

Fax: (405) 605-2487

David Dobbs, Program Director  


Host Facility:  Union City CC


Mitakuye Oyasin  

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