Plateau Indian Artifacts (Photo Diary)

Museum photo DSCN6791_zpsdb4d0fe1.jpg

Prior to the European invasion, the Indian people of the Plateau area-roughly the area between the Rocky Mountains and the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest-decorated their clothing and other items with paintings, with beads made from shell, animal teeth, bone, and other items, and with porcupine quills. Shown below are some Plateau Indian artifacts which are on display at the museum at the Travelers’ Rest State Park in Lolo, Montana.

 photo DSCN6781_zpsc08322e5.jpg

tipi photo DSCN6759_zpseb3e1607.jpg

painted skin photo DSCN6765_zpsef85a50c.jpg

Clothing photo DSCN6764_zpsbb73e4b2.jpg

 photo DSCN6779_zpsfc7a56ee.jpg

 photo DSCN6778_zps3b153fec.jpg

 photo DSCN6799_zpsc1596799.jpg

quill photo DSCN6775_zps02201d7e.jpg

Shown above is an example of quill work. The design is made from porcupine quills.

parfleche photo DSCN6780_zps9a464a9e.jpg

Shown above is a parfleche: a large leather envelope.

Bustle photo DSCN6793_zps02c7a873.jpg

Shown above is a feather bustle that was often used as a part of a dance outfit.


Drum photo DSCN6797_zps11919ec2.jpg

Drums photo DSCN6796_zps62a49f83.jpg

drum photo DSCN6762_zps83a844aa.jpg


cradle photo DSCN6795_zps079acf23.jpg

cradleboard photo DSCN6794_zps34868536.jpg

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