Birds, birds, birds

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I just want to share some of the photos I’ve been privileged to take of some of our feathered relatives that came through my life as a result of conflicts with human activities (or should I say human ignorance).

“Wendel”, a baby Sawhet owl found in downtown Catalina (Catalina Island, CA).  No one, up to that point, even knew they existed on that island.



Wendel, (the name was given to him by my husband, who had a knack for uniquely naming our wild patients), after learning to hunt live prey, was re-introduced and released back on the island (not downtown however).


This is a mature Sawhet owl that got caught up in a barbed wire fence in the Santa Ynez valley.  Her injuries were minor, and she was released back where she was found.



Here is a head shot of Sedona, a Peregrine Falcon who flew into a plate glass window while chasing a meal (dove).  She broke one of her wings – badly, and we adopted her to become one of our education birds here in Santa Barbara.  She lived with us for seven years before she died.



Because she was full of spunk and energy (meant for flying and catching prey in the wild), but disabled from flying because of her injured wing, we used to “swim her” in our pond, so that she could get exercise in a way that resembles flight – except it’s in water:



She had her own, self-chosen perch about 7 feet up in a pepper tree in our yard.  Here she’s munching on her quail dinner:



And here she is in all her glory:


We miss her so much.


This is the first photo diary in a series I hope to blog here (and only here).  

I operate on Indian time, so I can’t tell you when the next one will arrive, except that it will.  I do hope that my diaries will promote all of us to stay in touch with our wild brothers and sisters.

We can go outside – anywhere, sit down and wait, watch and listen.  They always show up, and they always have something to teach us when our ears, eyes and hearts are open.  It’s the next-best thing to our elders.


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