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Dear INDN Friend:

We are so thrilled to announce our next round of endorsements for 2008 – five wonderful INDN women!  Running for state and local office in 4 states, and from 5 tribes, they will truly make a different this election cycle.  They can win this year with your help!

We have now endorsed 33 excellent INDN candidates for the 2008 cycle. You can read more about all of our endorsed candidates here.

Lena Fowler, a member of the Navajo Nation, is running for the Coconino County Board of Supervisors, District 5, in Arizona.  She is a life-long resident of Coconino County, and she has spent her life helping her community.  She won her primary at the beginning of this month, but she faces a general election this fall.  She needs our help to win!

Laura McGee, a member of the Blackfeet Nation, is running for State House District 18 in Montana.  She was appointed to the candidacy after the Democratic winner in the district had to drop out, and she faces the Republican incumbent in an uphill battle in November.  She can win, but she needs help from INDNs!

Sharon Peregoy, a member of the Apsaalooke Nation (Crow Tribe), is running for Montana State Senate District 21, which encompasses the Crow and Northern Cheyenne Reservations.  She will fight for quality education, adequate health care, and for more jobs, but she needs our help to win!

Celena Wasson, a member of the Walker River Paiute Tribe, is running for School Board in Washoe County, Nevada.  She has 30 years of teaching experience in the district, and she wants to continue to be a voice for children.  Help her win in November!

Karen Wilde, a member of the Muscogee Creek Nation, is running for Colorado State House District 40.  She had no primary, but she faces a Republican opponent in the fall. When she wins, she will continue to advocate for successful education for all of our children and affordable healthcare.  But she needs our help!  

Since our founding 3 years ago, we have experienced an impressive 79% win rate, with 22 of 28 of our endorsed candidates winning in 2006 & 2007!  With your help, we can do even more.  

There are 43 days until the election – we cannot wait to support these candidates any longer.  Please give today to INDN’s List to help us support these excellent candidates.

Thank you for your support.


Kalyn Free

P.S. Any amount you can donate to INDN’s List – from $5 to $50 – will help us support our incredible candidates this cycle.  Thank you!…

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