Splitting the Sky Tried Arresting “The Decider”

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The United States of America gave its president the power to decide if anyone, including US citizens, were enemies of the state or “enemy combatants” during the Bush Administration.  Henceforth, the CIA kidnapped people from their homes or off streets. Against International Law, human beings were: forced into vans, taken to CIA prisons, tortured and detained indefinitely without trial and without a lawyer, ripped away from family, ripped away from friends, ripped
away from work, and ripped
away from everything that they had ever worked for in their entire lives.

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 So, among the Nations who are taking action, add to those Splitting the Sky, a Mohawk from Six Nations.

Splitting the Sky jailed for trying to “citizen arrest” this war criminal!

He told them, “I am serving you notice that you are protecting a war criminal and an international terrorist. You can be tried, convicted and executed as a collaborator before a Nuremberg-type tribunal”.

Splitting the Sky jailed for trying to “citizen arrest” this war criminal!

At the same time he tried to deliver a letter from Ramsay Clark, the former U.S. attorney general, who supports the broad coalition of peace, human rights, labor, law, environmental and other organizations that are seeking U.S. prosecution for Bush’s crimes. The U.S. people are responsible for Bush’s crimes against peace and humanity by failing to stop him. There is universal jurisdiction over such crimes, mentioning especially the crimes of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq. [Bush’s Calgary rally to business interests will continue the usurpation of our resources and the environment.] Bush proclaimed himself to be the “decider” by seizing dictatorial powers. He deceitfully declared that national security was threatened and signed into law many unconstitutional Acts of Congress. He enriched favored corrupt predators by giving to them contracts for security services, war relief and reconstruction. At home mortgage lenders, banks, insurance companies and corporate executives exploited Bush policies to enrich the rich. He radically increased the national war debt and military spending which led to the collapse of the global economy. Corrupt Bush appointees committed crimes in various Executive Departments, including the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the Department of the Interior.

Those merely wanting, not thinking, that the US should just “move on,” need to know this person’s name. Is this person merely a statistic?

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Also, those merely wanting, not thinking, that the US should just “move on” should, and that’s a judgement, ask themselves more questions about him. What was he doing when he was kidnapped? How old is he? Was he kidnapped from: his home or off the street? What was his occupation? Who are his family and friends? What were/are his dreams?

…It’s a hell of a thing killin’ a man. You take away all he’s got…

They should have let Splitting the Sky arrest Bush.

Splitting the Sky broke through the police line and advanced alone to arrest George Bush. He got 2 to 3 feet into the Center. He pushed his way through the police line with his hands over his head yelling, “I am not touching anyone”. They surrounded and pounced on him. He was brutalized, arrested and beaten over and over again in the police van and jail cell. He was kept for 24 hours and released on $500 bail. He sustained serious bodily injuries, including a partial concussion and a massive hernia.

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  1. His name is Dakgagawieh or something I can’t spell but he’s an old bro of mine, John Hill. We first knew him as an Attica brother who took part in the uprising there. Later he was involved in a very long murder trial in California which he beat. He was living at an AIM encampment at the time. This guy is a hard core warrior who never quits, a little stuck on himself and loves publicity but all in all a good bro.

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