So, does anybody still think this planet is inhabited by only humans?

url=Toth (& Helena Blavatsky)

url=MJ’s children

url=What I found when I went looking for MEROWIOWING

url=bohemian grove (subject/title edited by WIO)

url=Shapeshifters – a tour <—-interesting

url=6 second video of flying dragon (an enjoyable one)

url=rumsfield (even captured some grays in one of them

url=short one, obama

url=Sarah Palin, starts down a ways where you see two look alike women

url=liz cheney



url=Keep them in your heart and prayers

url=Is there Hope? Answers from Credo Mutwa

url=Police pictures looking odd

url=Helicopter occupants

url=glass pyramids, prince william

url=nancy pelosi

some positive

url=Cherokee Morning Song

url=Profound Stories

url=Gregg Braden on consciousness

url=How water structure reflects our consciousness


url=A youtube video someone did a decent job with showing differences.

url=Baba Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa on Barack Obama

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