The Lakota families on Pine Ridge who you supported would like to Thank You from the hearts!


The Lakota families of the Pine Ridge Reservation who have recieved help from all of you would like to Thank You for helping them with propane, eletric, and food. But the most important thing is HOPE. You offered my people hope when there was none for us. And we know that your all out here workng on helping us bring change. This is more important that ever now. As for the elders before us that was involved in the movment in the 60’s,70’s,80’s. They paved the way for us 7th generation warrior to bring change for ourselves.

In their day’s it was not okay to Indian or native. But today everybody wants to be us because of them. So i advise all of the suppoters out their in the world. To help us step this up “The Movment of Change” . When our young warriors are taking their own live or trying that is a wake up call for our Lakota Nations. We all know this can’t hapen over night but it can happen soon if we all work hard togather. This is the time to reach out to every connection you have in the world. One day i hope that i don’t have to call out like this for help instead a call out for a invite to help us celebrate the The positive Change that was brought to our people.

Last i put a huge list of names togather of people who needed support and help. So we put the call out for propane, eletricty, and food. I worked endlessly from my home. Taking calls day after day. Hour after hour hearing my people cry for help. So we called out to all of you. And low and behold all of you came to our aide like true warriors of earth. With all your suppport and help all your efforts totaled up to $16,520. The biggest number was for propane $14,000. People of the world we like to Thank You but let you know that we are no where near the end of this as there are still so many families who need your support right now.

Wopila Tanka


Oglala Lakota

Autumn Two Bulls  


  1. and I believe spring brings its own form of cold, so we will need to keep the awareness up. We are ready for that. There are several of us in this group and we can make a whole lot of noise if it is needful. All you need to do is say that there is need, and you have.

  2. From the avg. temps. listed at Wikipedia, it looks like it might be most of the year, except maybe 2 months in the summer. How much of that time do people go without heat because of $$? (And what kind of $$ would be needed to take care of that?)

    Others are talking about ways to help generate  income (has anyone talked to you yet? I know someone’s mentioned wanting to check with you on something) — meanwhile, if we have an idea about what’s needed, we can plan things out…or maybe we should take this discussion to the gmail group (has anyone give you that link yet? You need to get an email invite).  

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