The struggle of the rez life- how do we over come it?

As i stood outside this morning and watched my cihildren play on the earth that my ancestors faught and died for. I wondered what the future has instore for them. And it brought tears to my eye’s. I know i have to work harder. To bring awarness and bring economical development about our crucial conditions here on the Pine Ridge reservation. I don’t know that people can possibly understand unless you have to live in poverty and genocide. I fear for the furture generations. I can only do so much to bring AID here for my people. I can travel and speak but if nobody is listening then what. I keep on going to a place where people can hear. I know that there are many people who are of capible of speaking. But we need action behind them words. I am worried everyday for all the Lakota Families here on the rez. And wonder why our tribal government don’t help more. As in a dream i had the grandfather tell me to call out to the four winds for help and he said they will come. Of all colors and creeds. As i do now.

There are many homeless people here on our reservation. Many with out food and heat right now. Many kids have to go with out. Sush as: clothes, food, hygene products, shoes, winter clothing to keep them warm, toys,blankets,beds and safe warm homes. And it makes my spirit hurt. I want to give all i can. But sometimes it’s hard hard when i give all i have.

Pitty is what the greator gave for one another as we ask him for pitty. But courage is what my people need. It’s hard for people of the rez. When they have to wake up and realize they have nothing to feed their families. That has to be hard.Even if they want to work there are no jobs, and if they find a job, they have no car and live so far out that it so hard to get to work. The warriors can’t hunt even if they want to. Mothers and Fathers cry because their children go with out. And it is never ending the struggle. I often wonder if this is why the Sacred Canupa was brought to the Lakota people. Because at times prayer is all we have to get us through the day. No one can possibly know what it’s like here unless you live here. I hear about so many organization saying they help the Lakota. But to many times we don’t see it. If they could all work togather we could really get something done. I am trying to build a shelter here for the Lakota Oyate.

Our people need a safe warm place to go in the winter and a place to have spiritual healing in the summer. So many people can sit and talk all day. But that does not feed the mouths of the people and children. When the women and child is hurting so is the nation. And alot of the warriors are lost in this sickness. Which can be healed it can be lifted. As a Lakota Warrior women i will travel to the ends of the earth for my people. To bring jobs here so that the peole can help themselves out of poverty and bring more housing. Because they can sign up for tribal housing and it could take up to 20 years before they get a house. This saddnes me very much and is heavy. When you care so much and feel helpless. There are many needs short term and long term.

But dispite all the hardship the people do there best. They pray and keep the traditions alive. Thats what the beauty is of our people. That we endure and endure but we continue on. At times we have nothing to eat, no heat. But yet we sing our songs and dance our dances. We teach our children who they are and where they come from. We pray out to the creator wakan tanka to hear us and have pitty on us. We open our home with love and care. Even though we have nothing or maybe little to offer. And for all of you have came here to Pine Ridge know this. One day i pray that the people will not have to struggle as hard as we do now. But that we are allowed to work as every American should. That we can have fair justice. That we will over come what america has done to us and heal from it.

We need a treatment centers that teaches what Genocide, colonization and oppression side are. Re-educating the native people to help them see what has happen to them. Meaning the effects that happen to them. And that they can over come it if we all help each other. That’s where the healing comes from within ourselves.

Wopila Tanka Echichiyapi

Autumn Two Bulls  


  1. What do you need in order to get that shelter built, and in order to get more housing stock for your people? Please let us know.

  2. help for you and all ndn nations living invisibly in poverty.

    The technology that allows you to talk to us will help us spread your message and also help gather people to help all our ndn nations to get on their feet.  It’s not just U.S. citizens that care but many countries through out the world.

    I will continue to spread your message and YOU can help me by encouraging others to join and post here and I hope you will continue to write for us.

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