CoinKitty is Coming to NANR

CoinKitty is coming to Native American Netroots.

The biggest change you will notice is our little CoinKitty “Tip`em” buttons appearing near the Author’s byline, just below the Title.

Right now, the buttons are ‘in test mode’ and you are welcome to click on them if you are curious. They are just going open a window to say “Meow (Thanks!)” for now, but soon CoinKitty MicroSubscribers will be able to really ‘tip’ authors, graphics, photos, webvideos and more as the new way to give a reward to the provider. This CoinKitty MemberSite gets a tip too, so you are helping your favorite sites and the authors!

CoinKitty MicroSubscribers can tip somebody anonymously which means you don’t go on mailing lists or get more spam when you feel the urge to be generous.

If you are a blogger or a Diarist, and a CoinKitty MemberUser, you can draw your TipAwards and donate to you favorite cause, get website swag, or use it to tip your favorite authors as well.

There’s lots more to CoinKitty and soon you will be invited to join CoinKitty as well. Watch for our ‘Grand Opening’ posts, here at NANR.


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