Arizona Boycott Hysteria

Arizona Boycott Hysteria

The state of Arizona has a leadership problem, but that doesn’t mean that all of the residents share their view, or want to be hurt by their actions.  

How many Native Americans and businesses will be hurt by the proposed boycott of Arizona?

I haven’t been to Supai, but tourists come from all over the world to visit their village and stay at their camps.

Canyon de Chelly brings many visitors who shop at  stores in towns like Chinle, and you can  buy jewelery and peridot on the San Carlos Reservation, but I doubt that many small towns or tribes are celebrating in today’s economy.  

There are many old mining towns like Jerome where progressives moved in and opened restaurants,   bicycle shops, and other businesses that benefit from tourism. Those dollars help the entire region, but I doubt that many are celebrating today.

Choose your targets wisely, don’t hurt those who are just trying to make a living.  

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